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Frequent Asked Questions

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I am an end user; can I have access to the catalog in the Complete Mode?

No, end users have access only to the Simplified Mode, because Pellegrino is a distributor that works only with Auto Parts, Motorcycle Parts, and Accessories resellers.

How to identify the version installed on my computer?

In the lower right of the electronic catalog main page, it is possible to visualize the version number, in which there is a control date and a letter. The information that must appear in this version is the following: V 3.0 - 2010.03.08-B. Moreover, you must update to V 4.0 - 2012.04.02-A version.

I have version 3.0 and wants to install the new one, how to do it?

You can do it in two ways, when accessing the catalog an update automatic message will appear, just click, and update, or also you can uninstall version 3.0, install the new one which is available in the website and use the same password of the previous version.

What is the difference between Simplified and Complete Access?

On the Simplified Access it is not necessary the access password nor it is necessary to be connected to internet, except when updating data or images, the user has permission to access during 2 (two) months and cannot see prices.
The Complete Access is unlimited, and it is possible to see all sales price information, except promotion prices. For this, it is necessary that the user have a password (made available by the unit that serves you), is connected to internet, therefore, the check Box "This computer has internet access" must be marked so that the password validation can be done at Pellegrino’s database.

Is the message "The time for using data without a login expired, please contact Pellegrino” appearing?"

The usage time for the simplified access exceeded 2 (two) months, therefore, if you are not a registered customer, please contact the closest unit and register.

How to do to get the password to access the catalog in the Complete Mode?

Access is free for customers registered on Pellegrino. Download the installer through the website in the menu Downloads, and after that, fill in the form and send it informing the requested data so that the complete mode access password will be released.

What is ID Pellegrino and where can I find it in the Electronic Catalog?

ID Pellegrino is a numerical sequence generated by the computer, usually consisting of 10 digits containing numbers and letters, and it is located next to the password field in the Electronic Catalog.

When I access and/or update, a window shows up in the screen asking whether to disable the firewall?

To perform this operation, at this moment, you must click “Yes” to unblock the firewall.

I have a new computer, what should I do?

Contact the branch where you are registered and inform your new Pellegrino ID.

What should I do when the following message appears: "The input data was not validated by Pellegrino. Please contact your Unit Sales Department”?

Make sure that you have input the correct ID, if it is wrong contact your Pellegrino Unit to modify it and after that, confirm whether you input the Corporate Name or CNPJ unnecessarily, in the case you have followed this procedure you must reinstall the catalog and input again only the password provided by your unit.

The following message is appearing "It was not possible to locate the login file”, what should I do?

Check whether you marked the check Box, ‘This computer has access to internet’, in the case you have not marked it, access the catalog again, and enable it.

How can I do to uninstall the electronic catalog?

Click on start/programs/Pellegino/uninstall Pellegrino Electronic Catalog button. After it finishes, click on My Computer directory C:\ and delete the folder Pellegrino.

In which situations it is necessary to be connected to internet?

The internet connection is necessary only to input the password to validate (at this moment your computer will validate the input password with Pellegrino’s database), and when updating data and images.
It is up to the user to remain connected to Internet during the use of the catalog.

Why the input password does not allow access and the following message appears: "The input password was not validated in Pellegrino. Please, contact your Unit Sales Department”?

This message appears when you have not input the password or you have input an invalid one, check it out.

Why the data and images update is so slow?

There are some factors that may cause the update to be slow, such as:
• The internet connection speed;
• Too many people accessing the FTP area simultaneously;

Why does a message show up informing that ‘the data update will empty the basket and clean the query screen? Wish to continue?’

Because there are items in your basket, if you want to keep them, just click in view basket / print and save or delete item - before updating the data, otherwise this information will be lost.

What should I do when the following message appears "Product not identified. Please, check if you input the correct data”?

You must update again the data and confirm it was concluded, to do it go to the query items screen, click on ‘clear’, then ‘search’ and after that check whether the first item is a STEEL CLAMP and the last one a OIL –GEAR BOX.

Is it possible to install the electronic catalog in a Local Area Network?

No, the catalog is available by ID, therefore, it does not allow the installation in a LAN, and in this case, it is necessary to give the ID of each computer so that an individual access can be released.

After downloading the installer, I try to connect but the following message appears: "Connection to the Authentication server was not possible, try again”, what does that mean?

Internet in your computer has restricted access in the FTP area (File Transfer Protocol), which means, there is a block. In this case, contact your IT support.

The following message is appearing: "Value must be between 1 and 2147483647"

Update the data again, because the file USUARIO2001.USU, (located on C: \ Pellegrino \Sinc), must have been deleted, renamed or is empty. Confirm your extension that must contain more than 3.100 KB.


In the case, your doubt or problem is not listed above; please send an e-mail describing it to:, with the following data:

  • CNPJ;
  • PASSWORD AND ID PELLEGRINO: (In the case, you already have the catalog installed);
  • NAME;
  • E-MAIL;
  • PHONE;