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Teamwork, quality, ethics and citizenship are some of the principles that guide the work of Pellegrino market.

Check out the following mission, vision, values and policies.

Management Principles

  • Mission:
    Commercialize and distribute products for motor vehicles, with quality care and services.
  • Vision 2015:
    Double the sales revenues, keeping up as a reference in services, care and results.

Values and Policies

  • Quality:
    Continuously seek excellence in services, processes, and products, exceeding customers' expectations and optimizing the available resources.
  • Ethics:
    Carry business with integrity and transparency, considering society’s interests and preserving the company image.
  • Partnership:
    Strengthen relationship with customers, respecting their markets and recognizing the importance of the suppliers and representatives for the success of the business.
  • Results:
    Adequately remunerate the shareholders, adding value to the company and meeting the needs of the stakeholders.
  • Innovation:
    Learn continuously, improving work standards, seeking new technologies, investing in empowering people, encouraging creativity and initiative.
  • Acknowledgement:
    Reward people who show high performance and commitment with company goals.
  • Citizenship:
    Act in a responsible manner, protecting the environment, developing social actions and encouraging voluntary participation.
  • Communication:
    Inform people, first hand, about company’s plans, decisions, and results.
  • Teamwork:
    Promote teamwork and synergy between people, respecting diversity, propitiating autonomy and sharing successful experiences.