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Aware of the country's social problems.

Conscious of its role on society, Pellegrino understands that it has to be aware of Brazil’s social problems, mainly in the regions where it operates. Besides helping the local community with donations and collections, Pellegrino encourage and supports its employees in voluntary works.


First letters

Pellegrino offers total support to a class of children beginning literacy maintained by Ação Comunitária do Brasil (ACB) in Vila Icaraí, south of São Paulo. The class has 24 children at the ages between 5 and 6 years, whose most parents work outside their home to guarantee family’s livelihood.

Instruction follows the constructivist line, directed to the children’s overall development. Many students were already sent to regular basic education, taking with them an educational capacity to keep up with the challenges of the formal education’s first steps.

Pellegrino finances teachers’ salaries, and teaching and pedagogical materials.


If humankind does not know yet where we come from, at least we know where we are going. One thing is for sure: the Planet Earth is our home, our primary residence. Humanity actions must consider this principle; otherwise, society will pay a very high price.

Pellegrino community is already awake for this reality. In day-to-day, its employees seek to conserve the nature from aggressions caused by productive activities.

Mobile phone batteries disposal
All Pellegrino units have mobile phone battery collectors. Used batteries are properly sent to Motorola, where they are disabled without causing socioenvironmental impact.

Pack reuse
Cardboard boxes are reused. At every 50 kilograms of reused cardboard boxes, the cut of one tree is avoided.

Printer cartridges
The cartridge used by Pellegrino units are transformed in resources sent to social actions, donations and other activities related to charity institutions.

"D" Day
Consists of a biannual project, whose goal is to help institutions registered by Pellegrino. The actions occurs nationwide, involving employees, customers and suppliers. At the first semester, close to winter, a project for collecting coats, called ‘Campanha do Agasalho’, takes place. At the second semester, a campaign is held to collect food.

All company units participate actively. At “D” Day, the employee seeks to do the most to contribute. They act as they can to collect clothes and food, in a strong solidarity gesture.


Several donations Clothes, cleaning material, school material, toys, diapers, food, and other product types are part of the constant donations made by Pellegrino community to the registered institutions near all the 22 business units of the company.