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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out quickly the answers for your questions.

In which segments does Pellegrino operate?

Pellegrino commercializes auto parts, motorcycle parts, and accessories.

Where is Pellegrino’s branch closest to my city?

Pellegrino has 20 branches in Brazil; locate below the contacts of the branch closest to you.
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How to receive Pellegrino Magazine?

Pellegrino Magazine is a free bimonthly magazine directed to Pellegrino Distribuidora de Autopeças Ltda’s customers, in the case you are not a customer, you can access the contents of the magazine bimonthly in our website. Register and send your e-mail in the field next Get our Newsletter.

How to become a customer of Pellegrino?

The registration process begins with a visit of our external team and/or manager to evaluate the company profile and after that, the analysis of the necessary documentation is performed.

I am an end user, can I buy from Pellegrino?

Pellegrino is specialized in operating with resellers and diesel injection networks. The company's premise does not compete with its customers, following this premise, the sale is not allowed to final consumer, but you can find the products marketed by Pellegrino in an auto parts in your area.

How Pellegrino does rates its customers?

Pellegrino’s customers are rated as Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Already a customer and wishes to know your rating? Contact your salesperson and ask about your position and the advantages of improving it.